Investing - Alpha & Beta

31-05-2017 09:43:10

There are many approaches to investing capital in the market. The overall objective being the portfolio should withstand time of uncertainty and generates returns better than a benchmark of the investor’s choice. The benchmark can be different for different investors (one investor may want ...Read more

Portfolio Construction: Short Overview

31-05-2017 09:43:27

“I have X dollars, how should I invest them in the listed markets?”

Over the years people have tried numerous approaches for finding an all-weather solution to this question. To be able to fully discuss this we need to slightly rephrase the question – “I want to str...Read more

On The (H)edge - Quick Update

20-05-2017 09:13:22

It’s uncanny. We were hypothecating just few days back about an action plan should the markets get shaky. Who knew the canary was just around the corner, ready to sing. Thanks to President Lunatic's FBI drama, VIX jumped by almost 50% on 17th May. This triggered our hedging triggers on May ...Read more

Peparing for Crash, Or Not - Part II

14-05-2017 12:15:02

Ok, so now that we are back, lets get back to the previous dsicussion of hedging. In the previous post we discused several ways to hedge portfolios, now lets discuss the second question - when should one hedge a long portfolio? Options are: 

1) Always 

2) never 

<...Read more

Preparing for Crash, or Not

15-05-2017 04:17:40

These days, everyone seems to be predicting an imminent doom. All you hear is CAPE is the highest, VIX is the lowest, Market Cap to GDP is peaking, cycle is stretched, China/Fed tightening and on and on. For the Indian markets, the optimists still exceed the alarmists by numbers. Yet, in my opini...Read more

IRB InvIT - A Better Approach

03-05-2017 06:42:04

These are exciting times for the institutional real estate investors in India. The sector has seen several landmark regulatory changes in the last 2 years, which I believe will fundamentally change the character of the industry in the next decade. Although, I must confess, the changes ...Read more

Investing is like driving a car

28-04-2017 12:57:44

With the coming storm of driverless cars, driving as a skill may not even be relevant for coming generations, but as of now, I think most of us identify and cant’ do away with this essential skill for urban living. Good investing, in many ways, is very similar to good driving. Sometimes you...Read more

India Story- Its Not What They Say

15-02-2017 11:13:22

Every day market experts try to deconstruct the market into easy to understand and easy to explain stories, though only occasionally they are right. They give us Modi wave, GST big bang, demonetization shock, Brexit mess, Dollar supremacy, Trump protectionism and so on, which all makes sense to b...Read more