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Sophisticated strategies e.g. long short, momentum & other factor based allocations, options etc
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Why Wealthwyse

Traditional investment advice may not always be enough

Traditional wisdom says always remain a buyer of stocks and focus on long term only. We however believe a combination of balanced short and long term bets are necessary for maximizing capital growth. We believe its possible to build investment portfolios which can generate returns irrespective of market movements. Also, there are times when one should not remain invested and simply sell a/all stock(s) irrespective of returns. At Wealthwyse, we have used the same rigorous techniques used by sophisticated investment funds all over the world for identifying investment strategies which can perform in any market - bull, bear or sideways. Our investing approach is driven by statistical & quantitative analysis of markets and we strongly believe in risks management through hedging.

Our Approach To Investing

We don't try to predict the market

Trying to predict short term ups and downs in markets or stocks typically doesn't work. Instead, we look for "relative" mispricing of assets using statistical models and take trades with high winning probabilities.

Focus on portfolios, not stocks

Finding great stock is just the first step. We deeply focus on position sizes, our portfolio are concentrated around themes with optimal diversification (don't hold 50 stocks!) to maximize returns & limit losses

We estimate risk vs reward beforehand

To truly make money, a trade idea is not enough. You need position size, upside, downside and holding period. Our algorithms specify these beforehand allowing us to trade confidently.

Our systems eliminate emotions

Trade entry to capital allocation to exits are fully managed by our algorithms which ensures strict investment discipline. No more sitting on losers and selling the winner early.

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